If the positive pregnancy test wasn’t such an obvious sign, I’m pretty sure just glancing down at my chest would have given it away.

Since about week 5 my boobs have got a life of their own. My fairly average size chest overnight explored into a rack which a porn star would be envious of.

While looking crazily pert, full and glorious – the truth is far from it. These monsters are solid, rigid mounds of pain.

I even told the midwife on one appointment that I had been getting some chest/heart pain and on further investigation we realized that it was just boob pain.

My poor husband is like a kid in a candy shop who’s on a no sugar diet. But even the slightest touch makes me want to punch him in the face.

While I’m sure I’ll look back fondly on these days of super boobs, when the fullness has been sucked out of them. I don’t think I’ll miss the pervy glances every time I wear a slightly low cut top….. ┬ábut perhaps the free coffees I’ve been inundated with at Pret may now stop…..

P.s I’ve had fun tagging this post with every word I can think of for boobs.

P.p.s As a proper Aussie Sheila living in the U.K., I recently splurged on an Australian Bonds delivery of their maternity bras. The most comfortable bras ever invented. Saying goodbye to underwire has been a revolution this week. I can only wish I did it sooner….